As we all know that the most important sensory organ of our body and we take utmost care of it is Skin. Due to many reasons, the care we do is not enough all time. In order to ensure it heals and comes back to its natural self we also need to go to a specialist.

We all have heard the term 'dermatology', let's also understand what it means and why its trending nowadays.

Dermatology is a branch of medicine dealing with skin, hair, and nail diseases. It covers both medical and surgical aspects. It can be sub-divided into Core Dermatology (deals with skin diseases), Cosmetology (treatment of skin appearance), Trichology (study of hair disorders), and Dermatosurgery (the practice of skin surgeries).

Dermatologists are doctors or specialists who treat skin diseases and other skin-related disorders. Their job responsibility includes examining the patients, carrying out grafts, smears of the affected skin, and perform laser treatments on the affected areas. Other than skin, a dermatologist is also concerned with treating hair, scalp, and nail diseases. The practice of dermatology requires a great depth of clinical knowledge. Dermatologists need to know the numerous internal conditions that can cause skin symptoms.

In India, a Dermatologist is generally a five and half years MBBS degree followed by three years of MD Dermatology course. After completion of the MBBS degree, the aspirant also has to appear in the Post Graduate Entrance examination. In a branch, selection depends on the rank. On the basis of entrance exam ranks candidates are called for counseling. After completion of the MD course and getting the requisite registration from the medical council of India, a dermatologist can get a job in government and private hospitals or open their own clinic to provide service to patients.

Since the last few days, Dermatology has been among the topmost branches. It is a trending branch nowadays for MD. According to a survey, dermatology is the most satisfactory medical branch.

Although, specialization and choices depend on the area in which you want to practice. Mostly in urban areas over other sub-branch, the practice of cosmetology is preferred. And if a dermatologist is more interested in surgery, dermatosurgeon is the option for them. Another area of interest among dermatologists is Hair transplantation.

Previously in the 90s dermatologists were more focused on core dermatology, but now, the scenario has changed. Now they are more focused on cosmetology and dermatosurgery.

There are various reasons of Dermatology being the most trending branch nowadays:

• The new wave of cosmetic dermatology and hair transplant is giving it a rising demand.

• It gives the flexibility of either practicing clinical or cosmetic or both.

• The field gives flexible working hours as no emergency cases come under this.

• All across the world dermatologists are among the highest-paid doctors.

• They work to treat a variety of medical conditions related to skin and hair, which gives them a wide array of cases. They help resolve different conditions and diseases which keep their work interesting.

• Dermatologists also get an opportunity to make extra income apart from the salary. In clinics they routinely sell Skincare products account for a massive sector of pharmaceuticals and dermatology.

• By pursuing careers in research within their fields dermatologists may enjoy greater influence and acceptability easily.

During the past decade, tremendous advances are witnessed in the technologies that are used in the fields of dermatology and dermatologic surgery. The new technologies used in dermatology and dermatologic surgery are Nanotechnology and nanoparticles, health sensors, 3D printing, enhance AI powered clinical decision support tools, and tele dermatology for immediate response.

According to industry estimates, aggregate annual expenditure on the skin and beauty care industry in India is currently $950 million (Rs.5,770 crore per year) and increasing at a CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) of 15-20 percent. Pressure from the entertainment and glamour (movies, television, fashion) industries, and the corporate sector, for sleek well-groomed professionals, is driving the demand for qualified skin care specialists, and dermatologists.

The advancements in technology still have a long way to go. The potential of these cutting-edge technologies are recognized by Dermatologists. From diagnoses to treatment with such innovations technologies play a very vital role.  It is exciting to see what the future of dermatology hold.

Hence it should be noted that dermatologists can further progress their careers, tasks, and income by engaging in sub-specialty practices and extra-training in surgical methods. Hence, they can make themselves even more exceptionally skilled to perform subspecialty procedures. Hence, it is among the more trending branches nowadays.