NEET PG Counseling: How to apply for Armed Forces Medical Services AFMS PG counseling


NEET PG Counseling: How to apply for Armed Forces Medical Services(AFMS) PG counseling?


This is a blog post where I have provided all the details concerning AFMS PG counseling namely :


  • AFMS/AFMC Pune registration and counseling through NEET PG exam.
  • Colleges/Hospitals in AFMS counseling.
  • Medical fitness is required for civilians to enter into armed forces.
  • Merit list/Cut off and stipend-related queries.


AFMS/AFMC Pune Counselling is a two-part process, where the registration is handled by MCC and counseling is conducted by AFMS

After the result of NEET PG, the candidates are required to register at MCC’s website and pay some amount of fee and security deposit. At the time of registration, you are prompted to chose the counseling you want to apply for i.e AI Quota, Central University Colleges, AFMS, and Deemed Universities.

Once you have registered for AFMS counseling with MCC, the AFMS authorities are notified and a separate list of candidates is released by AFMS. All further counseling processes/notices are to be pursued on their website.


Counselling Process

According to the brochure for NEET, PG candidates are divided into five categories, which are :

  • Category I: AFMS officers.
  • Category II: Foreign students sponsored by GOI.
  • Category III: Medical Officers supported by Para Military Organization / other Govt. of India association or organisation.
  • Category IV: Ex-SSC AMC Officers released from service after completion of contractual service and within three years after their release from service.
  • Category V: Civilians. (you)


NEET PG is considered one of the difficult entrance examinations. After all, it's a national-level examination. So, you have to be at your best level f you want to study in top colleges in the country with the desired branch in MS/MD. But how do you know that you are fully ready for the exams?


Students do their best and give exams, but they are not sure of what to do next ? That's why there is an alternative called medical Counselling which will help you decide it. It is the bonus point for any aspirants.


Thousands of youngsters have hopes and dreams of becoming doctors. Doctors are seen as lifesavers by their patients. Doctors are one of the most revered professions, and they are regarded as second only to God. Patience, hard effort, and perseverance are required to become a successful doctor. This is such a holy vocation, curing people's illnesses caused by damaging diseases and traumas. It's such a rewarding job where you can make others happy by saving their lives from infectious diseases.


Mr. Gaurav Tyagi, Founder- Career Xpert said, “There are many advantages and extent of medical counseling. Students give a valiant effort to get ready for a test and when they at last get back in the wake of endeavoring the paper,  they get befuddled with regards to the following stage for example what to do straightaway?  i.e. What to do next ?  So here is  the answer for this is to go for medical counseling. The counseling process not just aids students in diving more deeply into themselves but also helps in acquiring new skills, learning new things. Medical counseling is the plus or bonus point for any candidate of NEET.