Medical Counseling: Its benefits and scope


NEET PG 2021 is yet to be conducted and the continuous delay in the exam is worrisome for the students. However, we tend to look at the positive side of this and take this time as an opportunity to prepare ourselves better.


NEET PG is considered one of the toughest entrance examinations. After all, it's a national-level examination. So, you have to be at your level best if you want to study in top colleges in the country with desired branch in MS/MD/DNB. But how do you ensure that you are fully prepared?


The medical counseling for NEET-UG and NEET-PG is provided by many professional consultants. Medical counseling is the way by which students get to know every aspect of all specialties of the medical field in depth so that they can make their final decision more wisely and productively.


Counseling has played a very important role seemingly since the beginning of society. From parents and grandparents advising other family members to community leaders guiding residents, counseling appears to have often been a typical part of the human experience.


Thus, here are some of the benefits and scope of medical counseling:


  • Students do their best to prepare for an exam and when they finally return home after attempting the paper, they get confused about the next step. Thus, the solution for this is opting for medical counseling.
  • The counseling process not only helps students in learning more about themselves but also helps in acquiring new skills.
  • Medical counseling is the plus point for any aspirant of NEET. Through this, you will be given proper guidance and support in every step and all your doubts regarding the NEET will be resolved.
  • There are many hurdles even if you pass the exam. So, these professional consultants help aspirants with documentation support, minority category support, post allotment support, choice entry support for round 1,2, and mop up, main point which branch is good in which college for MS/MD / DNB even govt or pvt college.
  • Every year there are lakhs of students who appear for the NEET PG exam to get into topmost medical colleges in their desired branch  But, there are limited seats in the colleges so the competition is very high and it is not getting any easier, year by year.
  • Also, due to lack of proper guidance students end up choosing either expensive colleges or a college which was not among their preferences.
  • Even students who attained a decent NEET PG  rank failed to achieve a seat in desired branch in NEET PG COUNSELLING.  This is because they were not aware of the merit-based counseling process of each and every state for MS/MD and also for DNB/DIPLOMA
  • Thus, it is very important to take medical counseling from a professional medical consultant.
  • This generally happens when students who fail to get into top colleges blame the coaching centers, that they didn't assist them in the process of choosing the right college. But, the fact is they are not responsible for this. They won't be able to guide you with the admission process or counseling procedure as that is not their area of expertise.
  • NEET PG counseling is a complex process so it requires proper assistance by professionals. They help the aspirant in the entire process from preparation to document verification and preffered them to select a better branch in specific better college.
  • Medical is a field where everyone is not familiar with the admission process, and students always get confused in selecting the colleges for themselves. They need professional assistance who can guide them to get into the best medical colleges according to their desired branch in MS/MD/DNB .
  • It is observed that well-guided and counseled aspirants know what to do and how to do things in the best possible way.
  • The majority of medical students who get admitted to various medical colleges of the country actually don’t know what they want to pursue in the future as their specialization.


So, it is a wise decision for the NEET PG  aspirant to confer with a medical consellor as even a small mistake can affect their whole career. The professional counsellor helps in guiding through the entire admission procedure and helps aspirants in admission to top colleges with the help of different counselling conducted by AIQ , STATE AND NBE.