NEET PG/INI CET are considered to be the top-tier entrance examinations in the medical field of India. Hundreds and thousands of students apply for NEET PG/INI CET to get into the top most medical universities of India every year. The competition is very high since there are only limited number of seats in the prestigious colleges. It is a challenge in its own.



Counselling helps the students to get into their aspiring colleges. With proper guidance and assistance their doubts in regard with NEET PG/ INI CET are solved.

It is a standardized process by state and central medical authorities by which students are allotted seats in a number of government and private medical colleges. The candidates that acquire the minimum eligibility percentile that is required for the NEET PG/IN ICET qualification only can sit for counselling.

It has been observed that due to poor guidance many students end up choosing colleges that are either too expensive or not of their choice. They face difficulties regarding the application for different counselling process and the selection of college based on the NEET PG/INI CET merit  based counselling.

Students fail to get into a good college even after getting a decent rank just because of lack of proper knowledge regarding the merit based counselling process. Therefore, it is important to take counselling from a professional medical consultant to avoid such cases. Since even a small mistake can put the aspirant’s career at risk, a counsellor can help in avoiding such mistakes and also guide in choosing the right college.

Generally, the coaching centers end up getting blamed by the students and their parents for not assisting them through the process of getting a seat in the desirable college. However, coaching centers are only responsible for teaching students and preparing them for the NEET PG/ INI CET exams. They cannot give you insights on the admissions and counselling processes because that is not their area of specialization.

NEET PG/ INI CET counselling is a very complicated process and thus can only be handled by the assigned professionals in the field. Proper guidance and assistance can help the student to solve all the problems and doubts regarding the NEET PG/INI CET counselling.

Not only this, the professional will also guide the aspirant during the application process, documentation and the admission process.

All these things help in the counselling process of the aspirant from the very beginning till the end even if the marks obtained by them are low.







1) Quality of institution

2) Exposure provided by the institutions since day 1.

3) Infrastructure of the institutions.

4) Permanence of faculty.

5) Exposure provided by the institution throughout the course.

6) Techniques used by the institution to treat patients.

7) Types of cases that can be dealt by the institution i.e. acute, moderate or severe.

8) The real condition of OPD patient load in the college.

9) The grade of instrument used in the institution for a specific branch.




1) Identify Student’s Aspirations:  Grouping their area of specialization and their strengths which helps in choosing which college is better for which branch.

2) Shortlisting of Success: Design a personalized report based on the NEET PG/INI CET exam score which will help in getting the best medical college available according to the desired branch.

3) One on One counselling sessions: the advisor will conduct one on one sessions to answer queries regarding the counselling. They also specially guide aspirants who are looking for DNB seats

4) Select a counsellor that has more experience and has researched effectively about every institution for students applying for MS/MD/DNB.

5) A counsellor will assist you to select a state that has low bond service criteria or no bond service at all.

6) They will guide you rightly as to which state would be suitable for counselling and where the highest chances are to get the seat.

7) A good counsellor will never insist you to take admissions through management quota or NRI seats in private colleges.

8) They also have contacts with a group of doctors that can clarify the doubts regarding choosing a branch with practical experience.

9) An experienced counsellor will provide you with all the latest information regarding counselling and update you from time to time.

10) Complete tracking and monitoring: helping throughout the process till you get admission in the desired medical college.